Finally, you can have award winning music artist Jay Dillen create your own theme song.

In fact, checkout what Entertainer and Speaker Ted McGrath recently received from hiring Jay to craft his very own theme song for his show and musical play “Good Enough”:

“On Top Of The World” – Jay Dillen Feat. Prodigal Sunn  CALL TODAY – 949-231-9729

Here’s What Ted Has To Say

“Jay is the F&*^*ing S&^T!!! I’ve played his song when going on stage before hundreds of people and it spreads an inspiring message that makes people listen and take action. When I played it before Personal Development Legend Tony Robbins audience and inner circle… they went nuts. I can’t say how amazing having my own theme song has been for me in the way of inspiring others and generating new business. I HIGHLY recommend you hire Jay, TODAY!”

-Ted McGrath, Speaker & Entertainer

And Here’s What Wu-Tang Clan’s Prodigal Sunn Has To Say

“Big respect to my boy Jay Dillen! If u looking for the truth in productions you found your man. Home of the original sound!”

– Prodigal Sunn, Star Entertainer, member of Wu-Tang Clan, Killa Bees & Sunz of Man


Your own personal or companies or life inspiring theme song. Jay will meet with you and uncover the most powerful elements of your life/business to put into a world inspiring song that has others moving to (and being inspired by) the beat of your song.

He pulls out the unique and rare keys to the story of your life (or message) and wraps them together into a truly unforgettable sound and theme track that will last for the rest of your life. When your children’s children want to know about Grandma or Grandpa, all they have to do is listen to the song that portrays your life.

1. Consultation Call to uncover your business or personal story

2. Desired Genre of music is determined for the theme song

3. Lyrics are written for theme song

4. Music for theme song is written

5. Melodies are written to the lyrics

6. Theme Song is recorded in the studio

7. Theme Song is mixed and mastered

8. Client approves Theme Song

Custom Songs

Music Production

Video Production


CALL TODAY – 949-231-9729
If you are serious about having your own theme song and are prepared to make the investment in the quality and time it takes to have this one of a kind masterpiece created for your business or specific life… then Enter your information down below and Jay will speak with you personally.

Initial consultation calls are FREE to see if your story and message are the right fit for Jay to create your theme song. Call this number NOW 949-231-9729 or e-mail me @ jaydillen@gmail.com

Here’s another theme song created by Jay Dillen. Jay is helping entrepreneurs reach further with their messages by creating deeply impactful songs that speak right to the souls & hearts of listeners worldwide:
“What Is Your What?” – Jay Dillen Feat. Marisa

Here’s What Maria Has To Say

“Jay is incredible! I was really looking for a song that represented my message & Jay was able to tap into it & bring it to life in such a beautiful way. If you don’t understand how powerful your own personal music be, then you’ve got to speak with Jay. Easiest person to talk to & you’ll know in seconds why Jay is the best! Thank you so so so much.”

-Maria Whalen, Zhi3 Invincible Wellness System